I Went to London and Slept in a Prison Cell, and I Loved it!

I knew when I first booked my trip to Europe that I wanted to sleep in a hostel at least one night. It’s been on my bucket list forever! I researched hostels pretty extensively beforehand, especially because I’ve seen the lovely movie Hostel, and because I’ve heard of every hostel horror story there is (see also: Bed bugs). I also was going to be staying in one alone. After being highly recommended by the Twitter account @HostelWorld, I decided to book my stay at Clink78.

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Las Vegas Insider: If You Come To Town and Have The Time, Visit the Grand Canyon.

I always hear people talk about how they can’t travel because they don’t have the time or the money. Yes, some places can be expensive but there are also ways to see different parts of the world without selling your soul breaking the bank. The quick visit to Grand Canyon, I took a couple years back, is still is one of the most relaxing days I’ve ever had!

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Las Vegas Insider: Wanna eat on The Strip? I recommend Bardot Brasserie.

Aria, 3730 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 89109

Tourists always ask me where they should go eat and I am usually no help because I rarely eat on The Strip. I did, however, eat at Michael Mina’s Bardot Brasserie (inside Aria) for another job and it was one of the best and most memorable meals I’ve ever had.

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