Need a Gift Idea For The Traveler In Your Life? Buy Them TSA PreCheck.

I have no idea why I waited so long to purchase TSA PreCheck. I guess I figured it would be a hassle to apply for and complete – because it has the name TSA in it. Boy was I wrong. It was WAY easier than expected and it is worth every penny. If you know a frequent traveler who would benefit from this service, or if you are a traveler who’s considering purchasing it—do it. Trust me.

If you are unsure about what TSA PreCheck is, here’s a quick breakdown:

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5 Painless Ways To Save Money For Your Next Travel Adventure

Lets face it: the holidays are brutal for everyone’s bank accounts — and sanity. Buying presents, making meals, baking, visiting loved ones, buying a gym membership for a New Years Resolution that you’ll fail at, etc.; It all cost money. Most people can’t even think about their next getaway this time of year. But, since I’m always thinking about traveling, I’m attempting to save up for my next adventure even during the holidays. Here are some ways to save that I have found to be painless and easy.

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I Went to London and Slept in a Prison Cell, and I Loved it!

I knew when I first booked my trip to Europe that I wanted to sleep in a hostel at least one night. It’s been on my bucket list forever! I researched hostels pretty extensively beforehand, especially because I’ve seen the lovely movie Hostel, and because I’ve heard of every hostel horror story there is (see also: Bed bugs). I also was going to be staying in one alone. After being highly recommended by the Twitter account @HostelWorld, I decided to book my stay at Clink78.

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