The Wish App: Travel Items Galore. 

I feel like the Wish app is one of the best-kept secrets. I also feel like I am obsessed with it and I may need a slight intervention ?.    Seriously, my obsession with this app is getting out of hand.

The Wish app is a shopping app with ridiculous bargains. You can search for anything and it will most likely be on there, and most likely be really cheap. The only downfall about the Wish app and the reason everything is so inexpensive is that most of the items on there are shipped directly from China. This means it can take a couple of weeks for items to come. I have even waited over a month for items. But it is so worth it because of how much money I save.

This app has everything: pillowcases, purses, jackets, jewelry, journals, candles, flasks, Christmas decorations, etc. all for great prices. It may seem weird to talk about a bargain shopping app on a travel blog, but I have noticed that there are so many amazing items on there that are perfect for travel, so it’s worth mentioning.

These are just some of the cool travel accessories and travel related items currently on the Wish app — and yes, I’ve bought them all:

Crossbody bag $5

This bag fits everything you may need on a plane) and it’s only $5

Collapsible Water Bottle $1

I love having this instead of a normal water bottle because it is lighter, more compact, and I can fill it up right after I go through TSA security.

Inflatable Travel Pillow $1

I will never understand why people have the big, bulky travel pillows when these kind are available.

Travel Journal $2

There are tons of journals available in different sizes, shapes, and for different prices.

Passport/Credit Card/I.D/Boarding Pass holder $2

This thing does it all, and it looks good while doing it.

Scratch-off World Map $5

So cute, so fancy.

Cute Travel-Themed Jewelry $1- $2

Cute and cheap, for the win.

Woman Urination Cup $1

Okay, this is the only thing on the list I don’t own but this mess is too hilarious not to post. You know you want one ?.

This list just scratches the surface of what the Wish app has. Check out more item on their website.



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