5 Painless Ways To Save Money For Your Next Travel Adventure

Let’s face it: the holidays are brutal for everyone’s bank accounts — and sanity. Buying presents, making meals, baking, visiting loved ones, buying a gym membership for a New Years Resolution that you’ll fail at, etc.; It all cost money. Most people can’t even think about their next getaway this time of year. But, since I’m always thinking about traveling, I’m attempting to save up for my next adventure even during the holidays. Here are some ways to save that I have found to be painless and easy.

  1. Save change and cash it in right before vacation.

Am I the only one who hates coins? I hate carrying them around and I hate when I pay for something and get a bunch of coins in return. I recently, however, got a sweet skull-shaped piggy bank as a gift and it makes saving change a lot more fun. I’m only going to cash it in right before trips. It may only be $40-$60 bucks, but its better than nothing.

  1. Sign up for a credit card with cash rewards

Cash rewards on credit cards are a great way to save a little cash for traveling. For most cards, you get money back for each purchase you make. I actually didn’t have cash rewards with my Capital One credit card but I called them about six months ago and asked if I could switch to a card that had it (Confession: I really only did this to feel less guilty about constantly using my credit card ?) Now I get 1.5% cash back on all my purchases, which I can use towards the cost of a flight or a hotel (or just a late night Taco Bell trip. Don’t judge.)

  1. Save all small bills

If you stay disciplined, this is a great way to save a lot of money, really fast. At the end of the day, or the end of the week put all the $1 bills in your purse/wallet in a box and save them. If you’re really committed, throw some $5s in there too!

(This probably isn’t the best saving tool if you’re a stripper though. Just sayin ??.)

  1. Stop using foreign ATMs

This probably isn’t the best saving tool, but it’s a good way to keep more money in your account. This is actually my 2017 New Years resolution. Just look back at 2016 and add-up how much you’ve paid in foreign ATM fees. It’s depressing! I personally could have bought a plane ticket with that money.

  1. Ibotta App (and other rebate apps)

This is my new favorite obsession! I actually signed up for Ibotta in 2012 and forgot about it, and have recently started using it again. It is basically clipping coupons, but instead of actually physically clipping coupons you go on the app and scan purchases you made at the store, and your receipts, and get rebates. I usually check the Ibotta app before I grocery shop to see what deals and offers they have. I already made $35.20 in the last month on purchases and rebate codes. I’ve also forced everyone around me to use it too (sorry, guys!) It. Is. Awesome!

If you want to sign up for Ibotta, use my code dljxmg and you’ll get $10 after you redeem your first rebate.

What are some creative ways you save money for traveling? Let me know in the comments.






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