I Went to London and Slept in a Prison Cell, and I Loved it!

I knew when I first booked my trip to Europe that I wanted to sleep in a hostel at least one night. It’s been on my bucket list forever! I researched hostels pretty extensively beforehand, especially because I’ve seen the lovely movie Hostel, and because I’ve heard of every hostel horror story there is (see also: Bedbugs). I also was going to be staying in one alone. After being highly recommended by the Twitter account @HostelWorld, I decided to book my stay at Clink78.

check in

Clink78 has great reviews online, they were in a great location in London (a ten-minute walk from the King’s Cross St. Pancras tube station). Most importantly though, they had great prices. Sold!

court room

Of course, I could’ve stayed in a shared dorm room at Clink, but the thought of being in a room with multiple twenty-somethings didn’t seem like the best fit. I also could’ve slept in a regular single room at Clink78, but that would have been too normal. Normal is boring. I’m not normal, so of course, I chose to stay in one of Clink78’s prison cell rooms. Yup, a real prison cell.


According to The Hostel Girl, Clink78 is an old courthouse that has been converted into a hostel, and the prison cell rooms were actually once holding cells. Perfectly normal, right? You can actually tell that Clink78 was once a courtroom because they’ve kept the original design, inside and out. Check out the pics below.



The Prison cell room I stayed in is actually not for everyone, but I loved it! The room was tiny and only contained a twin-sized bunk bed and a shelf. I could actually put my hands out and touch both side walls.

roomroom 2hallway

outside door


peep hole

The room also had a nightstand – which was actually a toilet with a piece of glass over it – located on the side of the bunk bed. It was hilarious! There wasn’t a TV in the room, a closet, or any other fancy amenities. I really didn’t care though because my room was strictly to hold my stuff while I wandered the city, and a place to sleep at night.

side table

While staying a Clink, I used shared bathrooms and showers and they were spotless every time I used them. They were also never crowded; Clink also had a computer room, lounge area, kitchen, laundry room, and a lively bar area with cheap drinks.

other hallway


pool table


If I wanted, a free continental breakfast was available daily that included the basics: cereal, tea, coffee, juice, and toast.


The staff at Clink was very friendly and helpful, and I always felt safe in the hostel and in the area around the hostel when I walked around at night.

My first night in my room, my imagination went wild and I was afraid the room was going to be haunted or something. It wasn’t, of course. It was actually cozy and super comfortable.

I highly recommend Clink78 for anyone visiting London! I was one of the older people staying there but I did see a range of ages, and variety of people: backpackers, families, large groups, and more. I don’t plan on going to prison anytime soon (fingers crossed) so it was actually fun to stay in an actual cell for three nights.

If you’re looking for a cheap, clean, and quirky place to stay, give Clink78 a try! I promise it’ll be a memorable experience.

There is also a Clink261 in London and a ClinkNoord in Amsterdam. Clink also has an app that has info about prices, their different properties, itineraries, and events around the city. Check ‘em out!


(All pictures are my own. All opinions are my own)



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