The 13 Yummiest Meals I Had In Europe.

First things first, I have no idea how I ate so much food for 12 days in Europe and I didn’t gain a pound. I ate EVERYTHING! For once my slow metabolism gave me a break.

I visited London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, and Denmark while in Europe and these were the best items I ate. #IHeartCarbs

  1. The Jalapeno & Smoked Cheese Burger and the Mac and Cheese Bites at Big Chill House in London

jalapeno burger

The portion sizes in Europe were small, as you can see, but this was still one tasty meal.

  1. The Dutch Banana Pancake at Pancake Corner in Amsterdam


Just look at that perfectly made piece-of-heaven pancake! Yassss.

Warning: This place has amazing food, but HORRIBLE customer service. You’ve been warned ?

  1. The French Onion Soup from La Marmite Restaurant Brasserie in Paris

onion soup

Chunks of delicious bread and onion covered in melted, cheesy goodness. Enough said.

  1. The Brunch at Hyttefadet Pub in Copenhagen


What do you do when you have a five-hour layover in Denmark? Go find a pub to eat at outside of the airport, of course! (Yes, that is ice cream being served with those Dutch pancakes)

  1. The Nutella & Salted Caramel Pizza Ring from Pizza Pilgrims in London.

nutella ring

The love for Nutella over in Europe was real. Amen to that!

  1. Pulled Pork grilled cheese sandwich from The Melt Room in London.

melt room

grilled cheese

There really should be more fast food grilled cheese places. Genius.

  1. The Escargot at Comptoir Des Archives in Paris.


Of course, I had to try Escargot while in Paris. It was the best thing I ate my entire trip! Now if I could only perfect my at-home snail recipe.?

  1. The Spaghetti Carbonara from Spaccio Pasta in Rome

spaccio pasta


You can’t ever go wrong ordering a dish with egg, bacon, and cheese. This restaurant and this dish was by far my favorite in Rome.

  1. Chocolate Chunk Cookie from Ben’s Cookies in London

bens cookies


Ben’s Cookies were all over London, so if you ever visit you must try one of these palm-sized cookies. Delish.

  1. The Friets at Friet Point in Amsterdam



Melted cheese on fries. Enough said.

( and they make them easy to hold so you can eat them while wandering around the Red Light District to observe the… Scenery.)

  1. The High Society Eggs Benedict from Balans Soho Society in London

eggs bene

Lobster, bacon, and avocado. Oh, my!

  1. The Nutella Waffle from Ice Bakery in Amsterdam

ice bakery

nutella waffle

Have you ever seen anything prettier?!

  1. The Croque Madame at Comptoir Des Archives in Paris


Yes! Yes! Yes! ??
If you’ve been to Europe before, what were the best dishes you ate? (I need some suggestions for my next visit)


(All opinions are my own and photos belong to me.)





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