My 10 Must-haves For My Carry-on Bag

Excessive, I know. But I’m always prepared.

  1. Headphones

They are a necessity to block kids yelling chatter when boarding the plane, listening to music during the flight, and drowning out some of the terrifying sounds the plane makes during take off (but seriously though, what are those noises?!)

  1. A phone/tablet with hours of entertainment

Before flights, I like to download random music, cheap/free reading material through iTunes, and a variety of movies and television shows.

  1. Portable charger

Some planes have outlets on them – God bless those planes – but some don’t. It’s always best to be prepared. Mobile chargers are cheap, and they can be found anywhere.


This one was like nine bucks on Groupon, and it works perfectly!

  1. Water and other items to make me feel less dehydrated.

Flying is dehydrating (or it could be the wine I chug before I board planes). I always have water on me, and I force myself to drink it, even if I don’t want to. I also always have hand lotion, lip balm, hand sanitizer, and eye drops (I told you I was excessive).

hand sanitizer

  1. Wisps

Wisps are small enough to fit anywhere, but they get the job done when you don’t have a toothbrush, sink, or water available to brush your teeth.

(Tip: a lot of $.99 stores will sell these. If you see them there, stock up!)

  1. Baby wipes

On a plane, they’re great for everything: wiping off if you don’t have time to shower, removing makeup, cleaning your hands after eating and wiping up messes.

(I’m currently looking for a good brand of single wrapped baby wipes. If anyone knows of some, let me know!)

  1. Extra change of clothes/undies (don’t judge me)

This is especially important for long flights. I like to change so I don’t feel gross wearing the same clothes for an extended amount of time. I am also paranoid that my checked/carry-on bag will disappear, so having extra undies on me gives me peace of mind (pretty sure this made me sound psycho).

  1. Scarf

No matter how hot it is, it always seems to be cold on planes. Scarfs are great cover-ups to take off the chill, without all the bulkiness of a jacket.


The best scarf I’ve ever bought

  1. Poopourri

This stuff is perfect if you have to poo on a plane and you are self-conscious. Spray a couple spritzes of this goodness in the water before you go and it will hide the smell.

(Tip: I also keep a tiny one in my purse for when I gotta go in any public restroom, or when my boyfriend is around.)


Photo: Instagram @Poopourri (Thanks again for letting me use your pic.

  1. One makeup item so I don’t look like a zombie when I get off the plane.

Some people take their whole makeup bag with them, but I prefer to take one item that will make me at least look presentable when I get off the plane. My go-to item is eyeliner. It’s small and it takes that I’ve-been-sleeping-on-a-tiny-ass-plane-for-five-hours-and-I-look-like-shit look away.

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